Nights of the eastern wilds

The remote Kuhmo area, near Russian border, boasts with world-class outdoor adventures: bear watching, trout fishing and canoe trips to uninhabited islands. At it's best – during bright summer nights – Kuhmo is like a miniature Alaska.

I made this travel story in July 2013. I had visited Kuhmo a couple of years earlier for trout fishing and bear watching, so I was very familiar with 2/3 of my planned outdoor reportage. But one part of the story was going to be a solo canoe trip. I had never been paddling before, but seriously: how hard could it be?

As it turned out, paddling a two-seater canoe in strong headwind alone is hard enough. But the canoe took me where I wanted: the highlight of my trip was spending a full 24 hours on an isolated island – completely alone. The wilderness hut on the island was equipped with a traditional smoke sauna.

The travel feature, written in English, was published in Finnair's Blue Wings magazine in May 2014.

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