Men of the Forest

I wrote a feature about an orangutan sanctuary in Sumatra back in 2006. After watching climbing practice of a 1-year-old baby these red apes became my favourite animals. They're smart, gentle, beautiful and fun to watch.

My journalist wife loves them too. When we got a chance to visit Malaysian Borneo in November 2012, it was easy to decide that our trip would focus on orangutan conservation.

We visited a rehabilitation centre for baby orangutans, and took boat trips to see wild apes hanging from fruit trees on riverbank. We interviewed a local NGO that works on orangutan research and community projects. We joined an international volunteer group for 3 days and planted saplings into cleared rainforest patches.

The outcome was 3 features, each with a different angle on orangutan conservation. Largest one - the first feature story I've written in English - was published in Finnair's Blue Wings magazine in June 2013.

Read the story (PDF opens in new window)