Ville Palonen Photography

Ville Palonen (born 1976) is a freelance photographer who loves to meet people, see places and experience things.

Palonen has been photographing for Finnish magazines and organizations for 20 years. His clients include wine magazine Viini, travel magazine Mondo, in-flight magazine Blue Wings, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and humanitarian organizations Finn Church Aid and Finnish Red Cross.

In addition to photography, Palonen writes travel features for magazines and is co- founder and administrator of online travel medias Kerran elämässä and Featuring Finland.

Ville Palonen Photography
Helsinki, Suomi
+358 50 596 7897

Ville Palonen – portfolio

Maha Kumbh Mela Festival in Allahabad, India (Finnair Blue Wings)
Maha Kumbh Mela Festival in Allahabad, India (Finnair Blue Wings)
Camping in Kvaløya, Norway (Kerran elämässä)
Mountain trekking in Kyrgyzstan (Helsingin Sanomat)
Happy cheetah in Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya (Mondo)
Tourist couple in Bagan, Myanmar (Kauppalehti Optio)
Borehole in Pibor, South Sudan (Finn Church Aid)
Teenage mother in Swaziland (Finnish Red Cross)
Food distribution in Zimbabwe (Finnish Red Cross)
Food distribution in Zimbabwe (Finnish Red Cross)
House construction in Malawi (Finnish Red Cross)
Girls’ hostel in Kakoma, Malawi (Finnish Red Cross)
A baby being vaccinated at Outreach Clinic in Malawi (Finnish Red Cross)
Hotel for dying people in Varanasi, India (Maailman Kuvalehti)
Funeral pyre in Varanasi, India (Maailman Kuvalehti)
Fishermen in Loviisa, Finland (Viini)
Restaurant Aanaar in Inari, Lapland (Viini)
Snowshoeing in Kiilopää, Lapland (Viini)
Rap artist Pastori Pike in Helsinki (Kirkko ja kaupunki)
Farmer Maryama Abdile Ali in Cadaw Yurura village, Somaliland (Finn Church Aid)
Singer-songwriter Anna Puu in Helsinki, Finland (Viini)
Winemaker Bernard Baudry in Loire, France (Viini)
Winemaker Alexandre Bain in Loire, France (Viini)
Billionaire Petter Stordalen in Helsinki, Finland (Finnair Blue Wings)